What are the maximum dimensions of 3D printed products?

Practically unlimited. The working volume of our 3D printers is 1000 mm x 1000 mm. However, these dimensions should not limit you in the final dimension of the product, as we can make large objects that measure several meters in size by merging individual elements (call for more information).

Can you prepare a quotation for the production of 3D elements?

We can only prepare an exact quote for the production of 3D elements on the basis of pre-prepared drawings. If you do not have drawings yet, but you know what your wishes are, contact us. In most cases, based on the product description, the desired size, the purpose of use and the accuracy of processing, we can give you an approximate estimate of the cost of production.

Who should prepare the design of 3D printed elements?

The client prepares the files with the drawing. In case you do not have this option, we will also provide a drawing – for an additional fee.

What file extensions are suitable for 3D printing?

Files with .igs and .step extensions are the best ones, as the 3D model can be further modified and adjusted if necessary. The .stl, .obj, and .3mf extensions are also suitable.

What about the post-processing?

In 3D printing, we offer various finishing surface treatment options for your product, ranging from a rough 3D printed model to a professionally sanded and painted surface, either in one colour or with the Airbrush system. For more information on processing, see the POST-PROCESSING tab.

What materials do you use in 3D printing?

We have several different materials available: PLA, ABS, ASA, PETG, HIPS.
Each material has its own specific properties, so the selection is adjusted according to the desired printing accuracy and the purpose of using 3D printed objects.

What is the dimensional accuracy of the 3D model?

The general dimensional accuracy is +/- 0.5 mm. Accuracy is also affected by geometry, product size, and post-processing of the object.

Have we left any of your questions unanswered?

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