Project Description


We give you the opportunity of a really attractive presentation.

A fair is a short-term event. The opportunities it gives last only a few days. And what is more, all your competitors will be there, too, stealing the attention of potential customers with their own attractive stalls and offers. How to stand out?

Why by using JUMBO 3D printing, of course. This will ensure you an attractive fair appearance, which will surely bring you loads of admiration and approval. Products that are the flagship of your company can become multi-meter advertising gems. With our help, your valuable products which are currently only in digital form can become tangible, exciting presentation pieces. Use JUMBO 3D print to make sure everyone can see and touch what until recently existed only on paper or in your imagination.

3D printed objects can take on all shapes and dimensions; treat yourself to an array of unforgettable promotional products that will reap the enthusiasm and admiration of your customers and ensure that potential clients remember your company as excellent and trustworthy.



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