Project Description


That which you can touch is real! JUMBO 3D object have greater potential to attract people’s attention.

Large-scale 3D objects attract much more attention than paintings and posters, they come across as way more valuable and leave a much better, longer-lasting impression.

It has never been so easy to tell your customers something as much as it is now – with the help of JUMBO 3D printing.

Graphic designers, marketing services and project managers … Take advantage of large-scale 3D printing services! This will make your projects even more recognizable, unique, one-of-a-kind! In the shortest possible time you will be able to create campaigns that will attract masses. JUMBO 3D printing ensures a stunning effect that your customers will indelibly remember!

We are masters of making large-scale 3D objects that will bring to you even the most demanding customers.



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