Project Description


Architects were among the first users of 3D printing.

Large-scale 3D printing opens up new possibilities for creation in the architectural industry; from modelling to marketing and even a “green”, eco-friendly way of making models.

Instead of spending days or even weeks on a single model, our JUMBO 3D printers can significantly shorten the production time. Large-scale 3D printed models can be much more accurate than those made with traditional methods, and therefore the designs for them can also be way more complex or detailed.

Another important aspect of JUMBO 3D printing is the saving component. This does not refer only to financial savings; we can also save time and the environment. The printing material called PLA is one of the friendliest filaments on the market as it is biodegradable. In addition, PLA is ideal for printing complex shapes and complex details, which is really convenient for architectural office projects.



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